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Table 2 Questionnaire items

From: Identifying barriers and benefits of patient safety event reporting toward user-centered design

1 Role of user
2 Intention of using e-reporting
3 Ease of use
4 Time needed and expected to report a case
5 The difficult and time-consuming contents to fill in a report
6 Security and anonymity
7 Benefits of using e-reporting
8 If participant considers reporting a case as his/her responsibility
9 Preference of alternative reporting method
10 Individual barriers
11 Resource and technology barriers
12 Organizational barriers
13 If participant is often delegated to report a case
14 If classification is easy to understand.
15 If participant is familiar with any classification
16 If participant has ever received feedback
17 Preference of the feedback methods
18 Importance of feedback
19 Preferred frequency of receiving feedback
20 Preference of the listed learning features
21 Preference of the listed assistant features
22 An open-ended question asking for comments and questions