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Table 3 Used iOS apps including price and functional principle

From: Goniometer-apps in hand surgery and their applicability in daily clinical practice

Name Developer Price Functional Principle
Angulus ROM MergingIT 4.49€ Accelerometer
GetMyROM Interactive Medical Productions 2.69€ Accelerometer
Goniometer Jinfra 4.49€ Accelerometer
Goniometer Pro 5uf5 13.99€ Accelerometer
Goniometer Records Ashok Shyam Free Accelerometer
Goniometro Antinio Costantino 1.79€ Accelerometer
Joint Goniometry Diomedes Papas 4.49€ Accelerometer
Simple Goniometer 0.89€ Accelerometer
DrGoniometer CDM 10.99€ Photo
iGonio Abdel Zemirline Free Photo
PhotoGoniometer Robert Branstrom Free Photo
PT Tools David Raney 3.59€ Photo