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  1. The use of radiation in the health sector is of tremendous diagnostic and therapeutic benefit to patients. However, scatter radiation associated with its use poses detrimental risks to occupational staff and o...

    Authors: Benard Ohene Botwe, William K. Antwi, Kofi Kyei Adesi, Samuel Anim-Sampong, Alberta M. E. Dennis, Benjamin Dabo Sarkodie and Samuel Yaw Opoku
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:17
  2. Describe clinical and epidemiological differences and risk factors for death among Bloodstream Infections (BSI) caused by Gram Negative (GN) and Gram Positive (GP) bacteria in the setting of solid organ transp...

    Authors: Thiago Zinsly Sampaio Camargo, M. Silva Jr, A. R. Marra and L. F. A. Camargo
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:15
  3. Patient transitions between primary and hospital care include referral, discharge, and simultaneous care by the outpatient clinic and the general practitioner (GP). Research on referrals and discharge shows th...

    Authors: Marije A. van Melle, Dorien L. M. Zwart, Antoinette A. de Bont, Ineke W. M. Mol, Henk F. van Stel and Niek J. de Wit
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:13
  4. Patient safety has been considered the heart of healthcare quality. This study aims to explore relationships between patient safety culture and adverse event rates at unit levels in Palestinian hospitals, and ...

    Authors: Shahenaz Najjar, Nashat Nafouri, Kris Vanhaecht and Martin Euwema
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:16
  5. Dengue is considered one of the main tropical diseases in the world and Brazil is among the countries susceptible to some infectious diseases. Thus, it is necessary to provide medical care in difficult-to-acce...

    Authors: José Frederico Corte, Artur Martins Codeço and Cléber de Moraes Motta
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:12
  6. Health care-associated infections are a major patient safety issue worldwide. Hand hygiene (HH) campaigns have started all over the world to increase awareness and decrease HH barriers. The aim of this study w...

    Authors: Sendlhofer G., R. Krause, B. Kober, Vander K., R. Zierler, G. Brunner, T. Augustin, L. Stelzl and L. P. Kamolz
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:10
  7. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an important cause of healthcare-associated infections.

    Authors: Marinês Dalla Valle Martino, Luci Correa, Antônio Carlos Campos Pignatari, Moacyr Silva Jr, Itacy Siqueira, Fernanda Marques Castrucci, Jacyr Pasternak, Oscar Fernando Pavão dos Santos and Alexandre Rodrigues Marra
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:9
  8. Medical research but also quality management is based upon medical data. The integration, validation, processing, and exploration of this data is known to be a technical obstacle for researching medical domain...

    Authors: Dominic Girardi, Johannes Dirnberger and Michael Giretzlehner
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:6
  9. Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and numerous applications (apps) make use of the goniometer, which is comparable to a medical protractor. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ...

    Authors: Paul Kuegler, Paul Wurzer, Alexandru Tuca, Gerald Sendlhofer, David Benjamin Lumenta, Michael Giretzlehner and Lars-Peter Kamolz
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:11
  10. To determine if a general ward-based plan to address the deteriorating patient could improve RRS utilization over and above a mandatory organizational policy and procedure.

    Authors: Michael Buist, Stuart Marshall, Bill Shearer, Monica Finnigan, Tonina Hore, Tamica Sturgess and Stuart Wilson
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:8
  11. This comment discusses the requirements, challenges and limitations for setting up medical device registries for breast implants. Previous experiences, notably the PIP implant scandal in 2010, revealed the ina...

    Authors: David Benjamin Lumenta and Rodney D Cooter
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:4
  12. Palliative care clients with complex needs are increasingly choosing to remain at home for their care. Home represents familiarity, presence of supportive family and friends, potential for normalcy and, a safe...

    Authors: Ariella Lang, Lynn Toon, S Robin Cohen, Kelli Stajduhar, Melissa Griffin, Andrea R Fleiszer, Tony Easty and Allison Williams
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:3
  13. In Belgium, the federal government launched a national program to support hospitals for implementing quality and patient safety strategies. One of the main objectives in the federal program is the development ...

    Authors: Annemie Vlayen, Johan Hellings, Leandro Garcia Barrado, Margareta Haelterman, Hilde Peleman, Ward Schrooten and Neree Claes
    Citation: Safety in Health 2015 1:2